internet money!~

well who dont love internet money can get off this page…!~  anyway its free after all…


the first step to get started is to register an internet based account.. these account acts like your normal bank account but its online.. these 2 account are among the popular ones on the internet earning world… 1st is paypal.. and the other 1 is e-gold.. Please take note that if you using paypal u will not able to cash out your money if ur in malaysia but u can spend it on so its better to register to which u can cash out ur money using local e-gold exchanger that will buy ur e-gold and bank in to ur account…. i give the link to both sites below…

THE SECOND STEP – select a target

l prefer than the others….. its just like any ordinary forum but pays us everytime we post, reply a discussion, upload images and reffer others…. its free to join and payout when u reached $10 via ur paypal or e-gold account


another forum website that pays…. just like mylot – cashout when reach $10.. but many people says that they pay more that mylot… but i still prefer mylot…

click here —>> DORMCHECK.COM

A new site thats still in beta version… this site requires u to download a view bar and u can earn something everytime u use the internet… it dosent started yet but try to gather u own network….

A PTR site that pays u to check out their sponsers… the best thing is they didnt set the minimum value for us to request payout… but for paypal users the payout is on $1…


another PTR site just like without minimum value set… join for free…


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  1. well u have a good collection of links with ur refs !!! do u actually get benefitted from these online money services and stuff !! hows much do u roughly earn from these sites !!

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