public service anouncement!~

Sad to see most of the people still don’t understand what is actually BERSIH 2.0 message.. We are not supporting Ambiga neither do we support DSAI.. most of the people join and support the rally just because of the issues that BERSIH has written. The 8 main issues. But sadly some people just said it is an opposition tactic to topple the leading governement, some said its a ZIONIS agenda to take over Malaysia, some also said it is a movement to drop Islam just because the chairperson is Indian, some just quite selfish that said it is just a waste of time, some said it is a troublesome for people to go shopping,  some also just thinking of the shop closed… but… did you  guys think of these unnecessary  item first rather than a clean and fair election???  What is a clean and fair election??? what is Project IC?? what is “pengundi hantu”?? what is 88 voter in 1 house??? what is the PTI doing with a MyKad??? what is postal balllots?? what is indelible ink???  what is this??? what is that??  you have select your side.. just hope you don’t choose the wrong one..


Owh… here’s the tear-gas bomb used last Saturday… Made in the US of A… hurm.. probably a ZIONIS consipracy on the other side.. 😛


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