mainstream media VS independent media.

Mainstream media nowadays is a total CRAP.. i really can’t believe it.. it is full of lies and cover up which usually 1-sided.. thanx to independent media nowadays who can tell us the truth on what happening around us.. With the use of youtube, facebook, flicker, twitters, websites, and blogs, it all depends on us to find the news that we want.

The first case when i know that mainstream media is a total CRAP is when the police statment on the case of the late Aminul Rashyid. a boy who had been shot by the police at Section 11, Shah Alam. Me and my friends rented a house just a few block by the scene. They was also residents who came out their home to look at the scene.. on that night, the body was turned upside-down (cover up the face) and there was no weapon like parang in the car boot.. then we waited for TV3 News the other day to see what actually happens???? it is very shocking when what they report is totally not what happens.. demm.. so that where i started not believing media reports..

(especially UTUSAN- their report regarding BERSIH 2.0 makes me laugh..).


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