vip style.. huhu.. racun berbisa!~

help me…!~ currently trap in a VIP style mode… hahaha… for my car la….


1. custom bumper..—– done [front bumper ala fabulous]
2. big size rims———-done [using 17″ currrently.. thinking of using 18″ or 19″ for my vivi]
3. leather wrapped interior —— pending….
4. air-suspension.. ———– pending…
5. ICE ————– in progress… [ already installed 10″ sub, 4″ component….]
6. vip table ————- pending… [ heard that have to drill the dashboard to fit it… huhu..]
7. led puddle light ——– pending.. [still sourcing, quite hard to find…]
8. interior accesories
a. vip rear view mirror —— pending
b. mink chain —————pending
c. fusa rope ————— pending
d. diamond linestone——– pending
e. vip leather dashboard mat — pending
f. crystal gear knob ———- done [about 6″ long… hehe..]
g. custom roof cover ———- pending\
h. vip handle —————— pending

9. llalalallalalla……….. still pending…. OMG!.. i need another 10K to complete my car…. huhu… maybe i should set-up a donation for it.. hahahahaa…. helpppppp!~


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