what is transportation hub?????

hurm.. since my thesis was on designing a transportation hub so its important to know what is transportation hub actually means???? well based on the wikipedia site, a transport hub or transport interchange is a location where passengers and cargo are exchanged across several mode of transport. Hubs make out the center of spoke-hub distribution paradigms, allowing passengers and cargo to be transported from one place to another without a direct service. Some transportation hubs also allow transport to be exchanged between the same mode of transport, while others allow transport to change mode, permitting the operator to take advantage of several modes’ strong sides.

Many types of hub exist; in public transport this includes train stations, rapid transit stations, bus stops, tram stop, airports and ferry slips, while in private transport the parking lot functions as a hub. In freight transport hubs are classification yards, seaports and truck terminals, or combinations of these. (source:wikipedia)

so from my intepretation, basically a transportation hub is a interchange between different mode of transportation.. which means that transportation hub must have at least two different type of transportation.. if it only consists one mode of transportation it will be called as a terminal.. eg: bus terminal, ferry terminal..

anyone got any other idea about what is a transportation hub??

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