architectural factory : a single storey house..

i just finished designing a house for my cousin.. well it’s just a simple house because its a low budget house.. basically the house is single storey, 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining hall, a kitchen and a toilet.. huhu.. the size of the house was 20’X30″.. anyway who said that a small house are easier to design??? my cousin’s asking for a 3 bedroom house but i’ve tried different configuration and still didnt managed to make it 3 bedroom unless the bedroom are smaller.. but with the current design i think the bedroom are quite smaller measures 10’X10″.. huhu… smaller than my house’s kitchen… so i think the bedroom should not go any smaller than that size.. huhu.. i know the budget are low but i want him and his family to feel comfortable in this house… hehe.. later i’ll will do some 3d images to “pancing” him to accepts the design that i’ve done… hehe.. later i’ll add some pic of it here….


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