why do i blog???????????

its been a while since i start blogging… hurm.. maybe bout 2 years??… hehe.. i didnt remember the day i started.. but the main question is why do i blog???? some people my blog to sell stuff, or as an income via advertisment from nuffnang or google adsense, some ppl blog just to show their other side of the world… well unless u r a close friend to the blogger u’ll never know what type of person he/she is… huhu.. some blog about stuff the like, some blog just to showoff… some blog to share something either its illegal or legal stuff… huhu.. some talks about politics, some talks about gossips.. and some just writing something crap.. just like what im doing… huhu… so.. back to the main question…. why do i blog????? for a normal person as me, i didnt know actually what the function of bloging… from time to time ppl just pass by my blog.. and all my entry are almost 0 comments.. but there’s one really2 hot topic in my blog which get hundreds of comments and recorded as top post viewed by ppl which counting almost 3000views.. huhu.. quite amaze me as the number keeps on counting everyday… well the topic was about numenmail.com.. the BIGGEST CHEATER all time… hehe.. to all ppl who joining numenmail i suggest u to just stay off and do somthing else.. they just a big time scammer… u just wasting ur time to try it… anyway.. malaysian really loves gossip… this is when my post about called “berita panas – utk 18thn keatas” which is about the 18sx pic of one of the AF5 contestant.. however.. i didnt post the pic on my blog since i didnt want to be count as the person who passing these pic.. hehe.. however, l guess this just became another useless post which some of u who are reading may say i am just “mengarut” and bored… huh… till next time…!~


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