useless updates…

saje2 update blog…. bru balek dr 4hr @ kampung sempene kazen kawen…. hehehe…

anyway another pic spam but this time its not taylor swift ( im still a fan of u) haha… its from emma roberts….

well for those who didnt know who she is here a lil info picked from the ultimate resource – wikipidia.. haha

Emma Rose Roberts (born February 10, 1991) is a ShoWest Award-winning American actress and singer.[1] Roberts is better known for her lead role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous, a role for which Roberts garnered various awards and critical acclaim.[2][3]

Following the success of the show in September 2005, Roberts launched herself as a singer and released her debut album, which also served as the show’s soundtrack Unfabulous and More. Roberts than pursued a solo-singing career by recording two songs for the soundtracks of Ice Princess and Aquamarine (which Roberts starred in as one of the leads).[1] Roberts then began to focus on her acting career in which she starred in various films and began to have a film career, most of which include family films. Some of the family films include of the leads in the 2006 family film Aquamarine (film), as the title character Nancy Drew in the 2007 film Nancy Drew, and her VoiceOver debut The Flight Before Christmas.[1] Then throughtout 2008 and 2009 Roberts began to establish herself as a serious actress and to breakout of her aunt Julia Roberts shadow. Roberts began to star in more coming-of-age and adult roles, which include- Memoirs Of a Teenage Amanisic and Lymelife.[1] Roberts appeared in the 2009 family film Hotel For Dogs and the up-coming The Winning Season.[1] As of May 2009, Roberts up-coming films include the Drama/Thriller Twelve[4] and the horror film Grimm.[5] Roberts also signed onto star in Rodeo Girl [6] and the Nancy Drew sequel,[7] but both films have recently been put on hold and have not entered production.[8]

hehe… so that wrap up my useless update of the day………..

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