..::: KL DESIGN WEEK 2009:::..

Last week im quite busy with the installation for the KL design week exhibition @ le meredien KL.. it was quite exhausting since we have to finish installing it in 4 days.. the 1st day we came @ 12pm and work till 6am in the morning.. then continued from 6pm to 6am for 3 days… huhu.. however, all of our effort are quite satisfying since Chris Bosse himself was quite satisfied with our work and he was quite amaze how we did it because he said the one which they have installed before were using steel frame as the structure but we just use the “thing” as the structure by it own…. anyway for those who dont hav the idea who’s Chris Bosse is, he was the Architect of the National Swimming Centre in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics a.k.a. the Water Cube… 

the Water Cube


Chris Bosse


anyway here’s some pic of the exhibition @ Le Meredien KL.. the “thing” is called Digital Origami by Chris Bosse and installed by us!!

huhu.. sorry for those who not seen this exhibition yet because we just uninstalled it.. but maybe we’ll reinstall it at our faculty so that students can see it and learn what’s architecture is all about… 

well tommorow i’ll be going to Capsquare KL to check out other exhibition there… huhu.. i just wish if the organizer will organize KL DESIGN MONTH and bring in more international icon in designing…!~


2 responses

  1. wow!
    danone goes international!

    ‘the thing’ ni kalau real still boleh stand on its own ka without steel frame?
    takut nanti rubuh, mampus semua thing bawah ‘the thing’ tu..
    tp cantik juga, macam dalam sarang lebah 😛

    slamat maju jaya le…
    eh, ko kan klas cita, maju, jaya, dulu2 time skolah..haha!

  2. hehe… boleh stand la.. sebab dia dalam bentuk arch… kalo blaja pasal structure bentuk arch nh bentuk yg agak stable sbb load distribution dia selari untuk dua2 side… hehe… mmg ar… cuma x ber’usaha’ n bistari ja…!~ anyway dlm post d atas Le meredien salah spelling.. spatut nya LE MERIDIAN..

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