i’ve just back from jason mraz concert at stadium negara… the concert was quite enjoying la even though i never heard some of the songs he perform… well im not a big fan of him neway… hehe… the concert started at 8.30 p.m. and running for 2 hours… the stadium was so full with people.. no wonder all the tickets was sold out… but quite disapointed la becoz he didnt throw away his hat at the last of the show.. who knows if i got it… haha.. he just throw away some of poloroid pic of him and the band….. neway.. the fugative was also around at the concert but how to find him when there were thousand of people… lol.. i’ll upload some pic and vid later since i left my digicam in the car.. so lazy to get it now.. hehe…

image added…!~

before the concert started… huhu…!~

then… jason mraz shows up…!~

more clearer pic of him from the screen..!~

and the shows keep going on….

and on….!~

and on…!~…..

and after 2 hours later it ends….!~

huhu… quite sad the pic are not so clear…stupid digicam.. looks like i need to buy a new one.. but the vid quality was quite ok la… hehe.. by the way i learned one thing which is before going to a concert make sure u know all the lyrics.. hahaha.. if not all u can sing is just lalala lalala lalala…!~ lol..

next concert to attend : rihanna @ stadium putra… lol..


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