happy new year 2009!!~…

happy new year to all my frenz… well its quite frustrating to celebrate new year at the mamak restaurant.. all because that there was no new countdown celebration at putrajaya… huh..!~ so to continue the celebration we planned to play pool @asia cafe subang.. but!~. the place was closed.. haih… then have we came to another plan – “lepak” @ oldtown kopitiam @ subang but.. it was closed also.. huhu.. well it quite reminded me how “suwey” we got everytime we celebrate new year.. last year’s we was stuck in a traffic jam at the LDP highway on the way to the curve and managed to do the countdown and see the fireworks from our cars.. huhu… that’s last year story… so before ending the night, we headed to another club and play pool until 4a.m.. hehe about an hour ago… so before i sleep i just wish everyone a happy new year..!~


3 responses

  1. aku d ruma saja..
    suda la d ruma sorang2,
    pkol 11 lebih MATI KARAN pula!!!
    sial punya SESB..
    pkol 2.30 paru ada karan balik..
    new year??
    dalam gelap macam haram..
    new no year…fuck SESB..

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