pimp my ride v2..!~

after installing tinted film on my windows, here’s the 2nd stage of upgrading my car.. hehe.. sport rims!~ yeah… after 20000km using stock rim i finally changed it..

upcomming upgrade — > sport springs… still confuse what brand is the best…
now on my list is — GAB- rm 350++
Improve rm 350++
Tein – rm 600++

still confuse since each brand has its pro & con


6 responses

  1. mau tinted jugak la..
    cermin aku mcm keadaan dalam air..blur2 siap ada “wave” gitu..
    mau cakap unik, nda juga..
    macam spastik..
    tp org luar konfem tak boleh tengok dalam…dan orang dalam pun tak boleh tengok luar..

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