early morning scene @ SOGO KL

yesterday morning i was in KL for some “urusan penting” hehe.. so after that i went to sogo..[budget nk shopping].. its around 9.50a.m and sogo still not open yet.. but it was something that amazed me with all these people arrived early and waited in front of the main door… 😛


it’s sale @ sogo ..  the banner says sale up to 70%….

One response

  1. salam none!!! heeee. x tahu plak ko ade blog, da lame plak tu~ ceyh… heee… pree2 dtg la blog aku plak~ heeeeee.

    nway klo trun kl len kali sound la aku, klo aku pree ble la ko blanje aku, hahaha…
    siot tol

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