trip singapore~~!

on the last 25-27 of july, we were on a trip to singapore!!~…  our trip was to do urban study at various spot in singapore such as chinatown, arab street, little india and orchard road. its a fun assignment since most of our time were spend on exploring and observing singapore and comparing it to malaysia..  from my 3 days in singapore i think its a better place to live than malaysia.. the people are more friendly and its a pedestrian friendly city.. but its sucks when we were not allowed to smoke in restaurant – even in open-air restaurant. and the price of cigaratte are so expensive.. and they only sell it in 20’s box… huhu.. chewing-gum its banned in singapore and also no spiting in the public area… huhu.. [ kene telan balek kahak.. hehe]

well theres not much to shop at singapore due to their currency were higher than ours… just imagine i exchange rm500 -> $200++ only…. huhu..

neway.. its a new exciting experiance to visit singapore… i upload some pic for u guys to tgk2…!~ hehe…  click on the link below..

spore album <<– click


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