morning musume for idiots.. chapter 1

What is Morning Musume?

Morning Musume is a popular Japanese idol group.

How did Morning Musume get started?

In 1997, Asayan held an audition for a new female rock vocalist who would be produced by Sharan Q. Michiyo Heike was the winner of the contest. But five girls were selected to join an all-girl group who would also be produced by Tsunku. These members were Yuko Nakazawa, Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Aya Ishiguro and Asuka Fukuda. This was the first formation of Morning Musume.


First generation

*Yuko Nakazawa (graduated April 2001)
*Kaori Iida (graduated January 2005)
*Aya Ishiguro (graduated January 2000)
*Natsumi Abe (graduated January 2004)
*Asuka Fukuda (graduated April 1999)

Second generation

*Kei Yasuda (graduated May 2003)
*Mari Yaguchi (“retired” April 14, 2005)
*Sayaka Ichii (graduated May 2000)

Third generation

*Maki Goto (graduated September 2002)

Fourth generation

*Rika Ishikawa (graduated May 2005)
*Hitomi Yoshizawa
*Nozomi Tsuji (graduated August 2004)
*Ai Kago (graduated August 2004)

Fifth generation

*Ai Takahashi
*Asami Konno (graduated summer 2006)
*Makoto Ogawa (graduated summer 2006)
*Risa Niigaki

Sixth generation

*Miki Fujimoto
*Eri Kamei
*Sayumi Michishige
*Reina Tanaka

Seventh generation

*Kusumi Koharu

Eighth generation

* Mitsui Aika

Group Leader

A member of Morning Musume is appointed as the group’s leader, here are the list of the leaders in chronological order:
* 1st – Yuko Nakazawa (Formation – April, 2001)
* 2nd – Kaori Iida and Kei Yasuda (May, 2001 – May, 2003)
* 3rd – Kaori Iida, subleader: Mari Yaguchi (May, 2003 – January, 2005)
* 4th – Mari Yaguchi, subleader: Hitomi Yoshizawa (February, 2005 – April 14, 2005)
* 5th – Hitomi Yoshizawa (April 15, 2005 – )

What is a graduation and why do members graduate?
A graduation is when a member of Morning Musume leaves the group.


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