scaryyyy…. me@fatal frame 3 ps2

i just bought this game for ps2 a few days ago called Fatal Frame 3: the tormented… game about taking pictures… and ghosts…. huhu…. The thing that i dont like about this game  is to many mystery to slove and keys to search to open other doors… huh…

me… try to find any clue on the wall….

run for ur life…… (the ghost was on my back … with her daughter)


2 responses

  1. oi! soul calibur laa..whut the hell laa u play this ‘kid’s’ game..hahaha~..if i play this thing, for sure i’ll drop it from the beginning as i hate everything ‘detective’ brain’s not that good..i’m good at nothing..dowh! luahan perasaan plak.. 😛

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